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What Happened to XX?

Posted: 25th June 2013 by Victor Wyatt in General

I have been thinking about game rules and how they perpetuate a theme in the RPGs they are a part of. I looked over at my RPG shelves to pull a couple off that do similar things to what I want to have happen in the current game design project I have going on and […]

Thou Art But A Warrior

Posted: 19th June 2013 by Victor Wyatt in Reviews

I was late to the indie game thing only finding them for the first time in 2007 or 2008. This might explain why I have never played Polaris by Ben Lehman but I’m intrigued by Thou Art But A Warrior by Anna Kreider. It’s what I am reading tonight. It might have been because of […]

Origins 2013 Recap

Posted: 18th June 2013 by Victor Wyatt in Events

This year my trip to Origins was a bit more chaotic than it has been in past years. A few weeks ago I thought I was just splitting a room with a friend who lives in the (near) Columbus area but a couple gamers I know, local to me, got stiffed by the guys they […]

Moments in Time

Posted: 17th June 2013 by Victor Wyatt in Design Projects

This morning on the drive to work I was listening to the book The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I watched the movie years ago and it was amazing but I am wrapped up in the story all over again with the book. That sparked an idea. I want to make a game where […]

Origins and GenCon Games

Posted: 7th June 2013 by Victor Wyatt in Events

I was really debating on whether I wanted to run games this year at Origins (and later at GenCon) but this year started off odd. Up until this week I haven’t been that stoked to play or even run games. Once in a while I can get into a gaming funk. It’s what it is […]