3 by 3 Grid Maps

Posted: 31st May 2013 by Victor Wyatt in Mapping


After doing a string of maps on index cards and after seeing a few people doing geomorphic maps on Google+ I decided to play around with the concept as well. I used Inkscape to add a very faint, slightly blue grid to letter sized sheets of paper. Because the grids are so light they don’t even show when scanned in which was one of the goals. The other goal was to have some reference points around the tiles for placement of the connecting halls and tunnels.

This exercise also proved an excellent way to experiment with different features. In this example there are average caves, an underground lake, slopes and pits, crystal caves (which I imagine being semi-transparent so the closed off areas are visible through the walls) and even a jail/dungeon with fire pit and straw mats.

I’m debating what to do with the small maps. I could do a whole series of them and post a PDF or I could do printed cards. Maybe it will come to me. Someone did suggest making them available for the MapTool users.

If anyone has suggestions for additional features that they think would be cool on these square maps let me know in the comments.

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