Five Deserted Island RPGs

Posted: 6th December 2012 by Victor Wyatt in General

I was listening to episode 24 of RPG Circus today on my way to a seminar for work. During one of their segments they listed out their top five RPGs to have with them if they got stranded on a desert island. It got me thinking. I have such a diverse collection of RPG books. How would I ever be able to narrow it down to just five books.

This is what I came up with in priority order.

1. Star Frontiers – I picked this one primarily because of nostalgia reasons but it is a really good game for simple sci-fi. It’s the first RPG I played on any regular basis after starting out with D&D Basic.

2. Apocalypse World – This one has my attention at the moment is such a good way. I love those dystopian movies like Book of Eli, The Road, Tank Girl and to some extent The Hunger Games. This one scratches that itch. It also does some really cool things pushing the game into the players’ hands.

3. Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and SpaceDoctor Who is cool. Nothing more is needed to be said.

4. Lamentations of the Flame Princess (or similar old school D&D clone) – Once in a while I get the itch to play D&D the way I remember it way back when I was a kid and new to all this role-playing thing. I also like the creepiness LotFP offers up on top of the old school feel.

5. Cold City (or Hot War since they are such similar games) – Cold City was the first of the indie RPGs I got to play that played with relationships and secrets between the player characters at the gaming table. Above all else the characters have agendas of their own and they have agendas from their home nation. When these grate against one another you get pure gold.

Now, if I could get away with one last game on top of the five I would also add the following.

6. Mistborn Adventure Game – Brandon Sanderson’s world is amazing! To play in that world and get to use the unique, magic system he devised is really cool. It’s fantasy but different.

  1. Tracy says:

    I think I’d go with…

    1. Savage Worlds
    2. FATE Core
    3. Pathfinder
    4. Apocalypse World
    5. Call of Cthulhu

    With all of those major systems, you could ply damn near anything you wanted to. Maybe cheating, but those items are great, and cover a lot of gaming bases for me.

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