Index Card Micro Maps

Posted: 31st May 2013 by Victor Wyatt in Mapping


A while ago I started drawing maps. I hadn’t done anything like this in many years. At that time I used graphing paper so they all had that strange quality of conforming to an aligned structure. Everything was lined up or at set angles. What that did was make me think I just wasn’t very good at map making for games.

Since that time long ago I started using blank sheets, in this case index cards, to do maps. As you can tell they don’t look stilted or conforming to a grid of any sort. To me they look a lot more natural than those ones from the past. Also, these ones have been getting a cross-hatching treatment that makes their shape a bit more defined. At least that’s what I think.

One other thing that this example has is that it’s done on a 3 by 5 index card. After doing a few of them I am not a huge fan of the paper index cards are made from because they make the ink bleed, giving the lines fuzzy edges. Eventually I will scan them in and give them the GIMP and Inkscape treatment to correct for that but, for the moment, I will just post quick pics of them from my phone.

I hope you like them.

If you use them in your game please let me know. I’d love to hear how the players got along.

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