One More Moment

Posted: 10th July 2013 by Victor Wyatt in Design Projects

Been thinking about my game idea based on The Time Traveler’s Wife and I think it really needs to be a two player RPG, not two and a GM.

The two players are trying to create/maintain a relationship though one is cut loose in time. Their opposition comes from a deck of cards. It throws places and situations at them as the game goes on. I thought it would work as a three or four player game with players versus GMs. The problem is this. It will not foster the connected feeling I want to happen when playing.

The game is about two characters who encounter each other and for whatever reason they fall in love with one another. The most important thing with the game is that the characters struggle against what time throws at them to stay in love. Part of that is making the players feel it as well. The players have to feel the turmoil of the struggle and the elation when things work for the characters. This is why the game has to be two characters played by two players.

Over the last week the ideas I have for cards and scene resolution mechanics has been solidifying. This week I want to get a rough outline with a couple characters written up so I can see if it mechanically works of it my numbers are off or even if it needs to be cards and some other decision making mechanic than dice.

I’ll post what I come up with by the end of Sunday.

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