Origins and GenCon Games

Posted: 7th June 2013 by Victor Wyatt in Events

I was really debating on whether I wanted to run games this year at Origins (and later at GenCon) but this year started off odd. Up until this week I haven’t been that stoked to play or even run games. Once in a while I can get into a gaming funk. It’s what it is but I don’t ever stop having anything to do with games.

This week was different. Several people have been posting to the Indie Games on Demand Facebook page and it’s got me back in the mood. I’m looking forward to several cool games that came out recently that are shown up on the IGoD schedule. First off is Tenra Bansho Zero. Then there’s Dungeon World, Saga of the Icelanders, Carolina Death Crawl and an old favorite Kagematsu.

I’m also really looking forward to seeing all the people I’ve gotten to know at the cons last year and through social media, especially Google+. I play and talk about more gaming online than I do in my offline life. The people I know (and play with) on Google+ are some of the best gamers I’ve come to know. Attending both cons lets me see them in person where I always have the best time and wish it wasn’t over by the end of the weekend. I’m sure this year’s cons will be just the same.

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