Volturnus: Mystery Planet

Posted: 5th January 2013 by Victor Wyatt in Mapping

SF0 - Volturnus

If you have ever played Star Frontiers this map should be familiar to you. It is the planet Volturnus from the intro adventure SF-0: Crash on Volturnus that came with the Alpha Dawn box set in the 1980s. Recently I found the digitally remastered rule books made available by the guys hosting the web site and fan magazine Star Frontiersman.

In addition to the digital copies they have for free on their site they also have print on demand copies available through Lulu at cost. What that means is if you prefer paper copies of the rules for cheap you can get them there. Bill Logan and Star Frontiersman do not make any profit off these. You are paying just to have them printed and shipped.

While reading the rules again after all these years I got the urge to open Hexographer and make a digital copy of the Volturnus map. This is it. And, seeing that I like sharing so much I also included the map as a PNG and the source Hexographer file in a ZIP file for you to use as you see fit.

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